Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g Training – Development & Administration

Course Objectives:


  • DWH Fundamentals
  • ETL Fundamentals
  • What Is Oracle Warehouse Builder?
  • Overview of Installing Oracle Warehouse Builder & prerequisites
  • OWBSYS Schema


  • Understanding the Oracle Warehouse Builder Architecture
  • Overview of the Architecture for Design, Deployment, Execution
  • Overview of Configurations, Control Centers, and Locations
  • Creating Target Schemas
  • Registering DB User as an OWB User

Day 5-6

  • Logging In to OWB Design Center
  • Overview of the Design Center
  • OWB Projects
  • Overview of Objects within a Project
  • Overview of Objects within an Oracle Module
  • Locations Navigator and Global Navigator panels

Day 7-8

  • Define OWB mapping
  • Introduction to Data Flow Operators
  • Importing Flat Files to OWB Metadata
  • Design a Source to Target Mapping examples
  • Ensuring Data Quality Using Data Profiling
  • Process flow concepts

Day 9-10

  • Deployment Concepts
  • Invoking the Control Center Manager
  • Repository Browser
  • Starting OWB Browser Listener and the Repository Browser
  • Browsing Design Center and Control Center Reports

Day 11-12

  • Enhancing ETL Performance
  • Performance Tuning at Various Levels
  • Performance-Related Parameters in ETL Design
  • Configuring Mappings for Operating Modes, DML Error Logging, Commit Control, and Default Audit Levels
  • Enabling Parallelism and Parallel DML
  • Setting Tablespace Properties and Gathering Schema Statistics

Day 13-14

  • Managing Backups, Development Changes, and Security
  • Overview of Metadata Loader Utilities (MDL)
  • Managing Metadata Changes by Using Snapshots
  • Introduction to OMB plus


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