Tableau Online Training

                                                                      COURSE DURATION :  25 HOURS

What is Tableau

Tableau is dynamic, interactive reporting, business intelligence, data visualization software tool produced by Tableau Software.

About Tableau Course


Who should learn Tableau
Prerequisites to learn Tableau


Objectives of Tableau Training


                                Tableau 10 Online Training

Getting Started with Tableau

  • The Tableau Environment
  • Workbooks and Worksheets
  • Files and Folders.

Connect To Data

Tableau Online Training

  • Basic Connection
  • Advance Connections

  • Using Joins (SQL)

Understanding Chart Types

  • Univariate Charts
  • Bivariate Charts
  • Multivariate Charts
  • Using Show Me Toolbar
  • Hands-on chart creations
  • Using TOP function
  • Using Aggregated Measures.
  • Create Bivariate charts
  • Trend Lines
  • Using Dates
  • Create Multivariate charts
  • Creating Facets
  • Creating Heat Maps
  • Groups
  • Creating Geo-Maps
  • Overlaying Demographic data
  • Customizing Maps
  • Sets
  • Calculate User-defined Functions
  • Using pre-defined functions
  • Use If-Then Logic
  • Logical Function
  • Manipulating Text
  • Customization and Saving
  • Captions, Color palates
  • Reference lines, Bands and Box Plots
  • Exporting data in Excel and PDFs
  • Publish and Share

(Advanced Tableau)

  • Advance Analysis
  • Actions
  • Calculations
  • Parameters
  • Forecasting

(Advanced Tableau)

  • Exploring advanced features
  • Adding Search Boxes
  • Adding Annotations
  • Sliders
  • Dashboards
  • Customizing Marks
  • Presentation Mode

(Tableau Server)

  • Learn the architecture
  • Use appropriate hardware
  • Use distributed server
  • Installation
  • Manage Access/Permissions
  • Tune
  • Monitor
  • Using Command Line Utility

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Starting Tableau Online Training on 6th Dec 2017

Tableau Online Training Video

We offer Tableau Software Installation on your personal system.

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About our Tableau online training instructor:

  • Working in the top MNC
  • Very experienced got 7+ years of experience
  • Trained more than 250+ students online
  • Tableau Certified and corporate Instructor
  • Tableau Interview Questions.
  • Expertise in Tableau Online Training
  • Hands on Tableau Online Training

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