Duration: 15 hours

Introduction and Overview

Benefits of KornShell and Bash vs. other shells
Differences between bash, ksh88 and ksh93
Integrating scripts with external command-line tools

Bash and KornShellScripting Fundamentals
Shellscript elements

Commands and comments
Defining exit values

Conditional program execution

Applying if and case statements
Simplifying if logic with elif

Program loops and iteration

Conditional looping with while and until
Listing for loops

Testing files and directories

Analyzing attributes
Checking file size and contents

Strings and patterns using [[ ]]

Comparing strings
Verifying the existence of a string
Pattern matching and special characters


Redirecting standard errors
set commands for debugging

Storing and Accessing Data
Positional parameters

Passing and accessing parameters
Manipulating parameters as groups

Shell variables

Defining environment and local variables
Specifying default values and error conditions


Creating and indexing arrays
Processing array contents with special variables

Processing Data
Manipulating strings

Extracting substrings
Determining string length


Arithmetic for and while loops
Writing mathematical expressions: (( )), $(( )) and let

Modular Programming with Functions
Function basics

Functions vs. scripts
Parameters and variables

Creating a function library

Finding your library with PATH
Dot . and source commands

Interacting with the Outside World
Manipulating files and redirecting data

Scripting file and directory management
Unraveling the secrets of exec: opening and closing multiple files

Interacting with running processes

Handling errors
Processing external events
Handling and sending signals: trap and kill

Accessing network servers

Connecting to a network server
Exchanging data with a network server

Creating “Production Quality” Scripts
Ensuring environmental control

Checking and modifying environment variables
Using getopts to process command-line options

Handling user actions

Accepting command-line arguments
Employing select to create a menu interface
Processing keyboard input
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