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About Mulesoft ESB Overview:

MuleSoft is the Organization. Apparently, someone ask what is Mule ESB, which is MuleSoft’s best-known, though certainly not only, product is used for. Mule is an Enterprise service bus(ESB). Mule applications consist of “flows” which route and transform data between systems with high availability and reliability

MuleSoft Course Purpose


Who should learn Mule soft
Prerequisites to learn Mulesoft


Software requirements

Mulesoft Online Training Course

                                                                                             Duration: 20-25 Hours.

Introduction to Mulesoft ESB

  • What is Mule
  • What is a FlowMulesoft Online Training
  • Message Processors
  • Mule Message Basics
  • Anypoint Studio for Mulesoft ESB
  • Data and Messages
  • Mule Debugger

Flows and Filters

  • Message Properties
  • Message Variables
  • writing to Properties and variables
  • Mule Expression Language
  • Global Elements
  • Flows (Standard, Private, Subflows)
  • Flow References
  • Message Exchange Patterns
  • Configuring Java Component
  • Using Annotations
  • Filters

Integration with Database in Mulesoft

  • For how long we can interact with the Database

Transformers and Routers

  • Data in Mule
  • Core Transformers
  • XML and JSON Transformation
  • Data Weave
  • Routing Messages
  • Splitting and Aggregating Messages
  • Maven project

Configuring Web services and JMS

  • SOAP web Services
  • REST web services
  • Java Message Service (JMS)

 Exception Handling Strategies

  • Mule’s Default Exception Strategy
  • Error Handling Components
  • Implementing Error Handling

Flow Processing Strategies and Customization

  • Flow Processing Strategies
  • Custom Components
  • Component Binding
  • Custom Transformers
  • Custom Filters

Munit Testing Framework

RAML and API Kit

  • RAML
  • APIkit
  • API Tools and Management

Batch Processing

  • Batch Phases
  • Processing: Batch Steps
  • Handling Errors

Deployments and Operations

  • Application Properties
  • Mule ESB Deployments
  • Cloud Hub Deployments
  • Administration

Certification guidance.   and POC of all usecases

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