SAP FICO  Training Course Outline

Course   : FICO online training

SAP FICO Online Training

Duration : 50 Hours

Financial Accounting – Course-Outline

Financial Accounting – General Topics    


  • Introduction of ERP
  • Introduction of SAP
  • Organization structure
  • Introduction of R/3 Architecture

General Settings       

  • Countries
  • Regions
  • Currencies
  • Field Display Characteristics

Enterprise Structure 

  • Company
  • Company Codes
  • Credit Control Area
  • Business Area
  • Consolidation Business Area
  • Functional Area
  • Financial Management Area

Financial Accounting Global Settings Fiscal Year

    • Postings Periods
      • Define Variants for Open Posting Periods
      • Open And Close Posting Period
      • Assign Variants to Company Code
    • Document Types
    • Document Number Ranges
    • Posting Keys
    • Field Status Variant
    • Tolerance Groups for Employees
    • Global Parameters
    • Multiple Currencies

General Ledger Accounting     

  • Chart of Accounts
    • Operating Chart of Accounts
    • Group Chart of Account
    • Country-Specific Charts of Accounts
  • Account Groups
  • Retained Earnings Account
  • Tolerance Groups for General Ledger
  • Creation of General Ledger Master Record
    • G/L Account Centrally
    • Chart Of Accounts Data
    • Company Code Data
  • Change General Ledger Master Record
  • Change General Ledger Master Records Collectively
  • Block/Unblock General Ledger Master Record
  • Delete
    • Delete General Ledger
    • Delete Chart Of Accounts
  • General Ledger Posting
  • Display General Ledger Document
  • Display General Ledger Balances
  • General Ledger Documents
    • Held Document
    • Parked Document
    • Recurring Document
    • Sample Document
    • Account Assignment Model
    • Reversals
      • Individual Reversals
      • Mass Reversals
    • Accrual / Deferral Document
    • Reverse Accrual / Deferral Document
  • Foreign Currency Valuations
  • Open Item Management
  • Interest Calculations                                                  
  • General Ledger Reports
  • New General Ledger Accounting
    • Introduction
    • Ledger definition
    • Document splitting
    • Integration
    • Periodic processing
    • Parallel accounting
    • Reporting
    • Migration

Accounts Payable And Accounts Receivable  

  • Creation of Vendor Groups
  • Create Number Ranges for Vendor Accounts
  • Assign Number Ranges to Vendor Groups
  • Define Tolerances for Vendors
  • Creation of Vendor Master Record
  • Creation of Vendor Documents And Number Ranges
  • Vendor Documents Postings (Purchase Invoice)
  • Down Payment Made
  • Automatic Payment Program
  • Vendor Statements
  • Reports for Accounts Payable
  • Creation of Customer Groups
  • Create Number Ranges for Customer Accounts
  • Assign Number Ranges to Customer Groups
  • Define Tolerances for Customers
  • Creation of Customer Master Record
  • Creation of Customer Documents And Number Ranges
  • Customer Documents Postings (Sales Invoice)
  • Down Payment Received
  • Dunning Program
  • Creation of Payment Terms
  • Installment Payments
  • Creation of Credit Memo
  • Customer Statements
  • Interest Calculations
  • Reports for Accounts Receivables

Bank Accounting   

  • Define House Banks
  • Check Management                                                        
  • Cash Journal

Tax Settings         

Tax Calculation on Sales & Purchases

Asset Accounting               

  • Chart Of Depreciation / Deprecation Areas
  • Account Determinations
  • Screen Layout Rules
  • Define Number Range Intervals
  • Define of Asset Classes
  • Specify Intervals And Posting Rules
  • Specify Rounding of Net Book Value And/Or Depreciation
  • Define Base Methods
  • Define Declining-Balance Methods
  • Define Maximum Amount Methods
  • Define Multi-Level Methods
  • Maintain Period Control Methods
  • Maintain Deprecation Key
  • Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data
  • Define Screen Layout for Asset Depreciation Areas
  • Asset Master Record Creation
  • Asset Acquisitions
  • Asset Retirements
  • Asset Transfers
  • Asset Scraping
  • Depreciation Running
  • Asset Accounting Reports

Preparation of Balance Sheet And Profit & Loss Account      
Financial Statement Versions

  • From SD to Finance (OTC)
  • From MM to Finance (P2P)


General Controlling   

    • Introduction of Controlling Module
    • Maintain Controlling Area
    • Maintain Versions
    • Maintain Number Ranges for Controlling Documents

Cost Element Accounting

    • Manual Creation of Primary And Secondary Cost Element
    • Automatic Creation of Secondary Primary Cost Element
    • Create Cost Element Groups

Cost Center Accounting

    • Creation of Cost Centers
    • Creation of Cost Center Groups
    • Manual Reposting of Cost
    • Repost Line Items
    • Planning Cost Center Wise
    • Cost Center Budgets
    • Assessment
    • Distribution
    • Reports for Cost Center Accounting

Internal Orders

    • Define Order Types
    • Creation of Internal Orders
    • Manual Reposting of Cost
    • Repost Line Items
    • Planning Internal Order Wise
    • Budgeting for Internal Order
    • Reports for Internal Order.

Profit Center Accounting

    • Maintain Controlling Area Settings
    • Create Dummy Profit Center
    • Maintain Profit Center
    • Maintain Profit Center Group
    • Define Number Ranges for Local Documents
    • Maintain Automatic Assignment of Revenue Elements
    • Planning Profit Center Wise
    • Reports for Profit Center Accounting

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