Microsoft CRM Dynamics Online Training

                Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Training

Sales Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (3 hrs)

1. Introduction

 Overview of the Sales Process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 Core Records in the Sales Process

 Tracking Competitors and Managing Sales Literature

 Qualify and Convert Leads

 Running a Dialog Process

2. Working with the Product Catalog

 The Product Catalog and the Sales Process

Unit Groups

 Adding and Maintaining Products

 Creating, Maintaining and Using Price Lists

Microsoft CRM Dynamics  2011 Online Training – Applications

3. Sales Order Processing

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Order Process

Opportunities, Quotes, and the Sales Process

Working with Orders

 Working with Invoices

4. LAB Exercises

Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 ( 3 hrs)

1. Introduction

 Benefits of Closed Loop Marketing

 Creating and Using Marketing Lists

 Marketing Campaigns and Quick Campaigns

 Quick Campaigns

 Introduction to Marketing Campaigns

 Creating a Marketing Campaign

 Creating and Using Campaign Templates

2. Implementing and Managing Marketing Campaigns in MS CRM Dynamics

 Campaigns, Campaign Activities and Marketing Lists

 Creating and Using Email Templates

 Sales Literature, Products and Price Lists

 Distributing Campaign Activities

 Capturing and Viewing Campaign Responses

 Working with Campaign Responses

3. LAB Exercises

Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 ( 3 hrs)

1. Introduction

 Getting Started with Service Management

 Cases and the Service Management Process

 Queues and Contracts in Service Management

 Working with Cases in the Case Grid

2. Working with Cases and Contracts

 Creating Case Records

 Working with Cases

 Contracts and Contract Templates

 Creating and Working with Contracts

 Using Contracts with Cases

3. Using the Knowledge Base

 Article Templates

 Creating, Approving and Publishing Articles

 Create, activate, deactivate and delete Knowledge Base article templates.

 Utilize articles to assist in resolving cases.

4. Working with Teams and Queues

Introduction to Teams

Introduction to Queues

Creating and Managing Queues

Working with Queues and Queue Items

5. LAB Exercises

Reports and Goal Management (2 hrs)

 Generating standard Reports for all the above modules

 Working with standard CRM Reports.

 Working with Goals, Goal Metrics.

 Creating Goal Metrics.

 Workflow and Dialogues for all the above modules.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Customization and Configuration

Duration – 20 hrs

Business Units and Security Roles

 Business Units

 Managing Business Units

 Security Features

Configuring Users and Teams

 User Management Overview

 Adding and Maintaining User Accounts

 Team Configuration

Customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Overview

 Customization Methodology

 Who can Customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

 Types of Customizations

 Types of Customizations – Solutions

Customizing Fields

 Customization Concepts

 Field Data Types

 Field Properties

 Creating Fields

 Creating Option Sets

Customizing Entities

 Entity Concepts

 Modifying Custom Entities

Customizing Relationships and Mappings

 Types of Entity Relationships

 Creating Entity Relationships

 Entity Mapping

Customizing Forms, Views and Charts

 Basic UI Customization Capabilities

 View Customization Overview


 Form Customization Overview

 Other Form Objects

 Creating New Forms

Configuring Field Security

 Field Security Scope

 Field Security and Other Security Methods

Configuring Auditing

 Enabling Auditing

 Viewing Audit Data

 Managing Audit Partitions

Configuring Solutions

 Solutions Review

 Exporting and Importing Unmanaged Solutions

 Exporting and Importing Managed Solutions

LAB Exercise.

 Java Script Hints.

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