C#.net Online Training Course outline

Duration: 20-25 Classes

1. Introduction to OOPS

C#.net Online Training

Dotnet Online Training

a. Class

b. Object

c. Inheritance

  1. i. Single Inheritance
  2. ii. Multilevel Inheritance
  3. iii. Multiple Inheritance
  4. iv. Hybrid and Hierarchical Inheritance

d. Polymorphism

  1. i. Compile Time Polymorphism
  2. ii. Runtime Polymorphism

2. C# Basic Concepts

  • a. Data Types
  • b. Variables
  • c. Value Types and Reference Types
  • d. Ang and Un Boxing
  • e. Operators in C#

3. Control Flow

a. Conditional Control Structures

  1. i. Simple If Statement
  2. ii. If-Else Construct
  3. iii. Switch Statement

b. Iterative Control Structures

  1. iv. For
  2. v. While
  3. vi. Do While
  4. vii. Foreach

4. Classes and Objects

  • a. Defining a class
  • b. Creating Objects
  • c. Access Modifiers : Public, Private, Protected, Internal, Protected Internal
  • d. Properties for Data Members
  • e. Member Functions
  • f. New Operator

5. Exception handling in C#

  • a. What are Exceptions
  • b. Diference between System Exceptions and Application Exceptions
  • c. Using Try, Catch and Finally blocks
  • d. Debugging a program using F5, F10 and F11 keys

6. Collection Classes in C#

  • a. ArrayList
  • b. HashTable
  • c. Stack
  • d. Queue
  • e. LinkedList
  • f. List
  • g. Generics

7. Inheritance and Interfaces

  • a. What is Inheritance ?
  • b. Inheritance in C#
  • c. Interfaces
  • d. Multiple Inheritance using Interfaces
  • e. Abstract Classes
  • f. Interfaces Vs Abstract Classes

8. Data Access using ADO .NET

  • a. What is ADO .NET
  • b. Connected Architecture of ADO .NET
  • c. Disconnected Architecture of ADO .NET
  • d. Working with DataReader
  • e. Working with DataSet
  • f. Working With DataTables

9. Windows Programming

  • a. Working with TextBoxes
  • b. Working with Labels
  • c. Working with Buttons
  • d. Working with various Controls

10. C# 3.0 , 3.5 and 4.0 Features

  • a. Implicitly Typed Variables
  • b. Extension Methods
  • c. Anonymous Methods
  • d. Object Initializers
  • e. Collection Initializers
  • f. Implicitly Typed Arrays
  • g. Dynamic Typing

11. Miscellaneous Topics

  • a. Working with Strings and String Builders
  • b. Working with Files
  • c. Writing ReUsable code using Dll’s and Namespaces
  • d. Adding Assemblies as References
  • e. Delegates and Events
  • f. Attributes
  • g. Serialization in C#
  • h. Reflection in C#
  • i. Multi Threading in C#
  • j. Important Namespaces
  • k. Using LINQ for Data Access

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