HFM Online Training

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HFM Online Training course outline Duration : 22 hours

HFM Online Training



  • Summary
  • Overview, Navigation, Dimensionality and the End User Process
  • EPMA Application Creation and Design
  • Data Loading, Document Management, Intercompany Setup
  • Journals, Financial Rules, Consolidation and Translation
  • Life Cycle Management, Security, Smart View
  • Detailed Agenda

HFM Overview

  1. Logging onto the Workspace
  2. Access & Navigate HFM Web
  3. HFM Dimensions
  4. Introducing FDM

The End User Process

  1. Data Forms Overview
  2. Data Grids Overview
  3. Consolidating
  4. Promoting a Process Unit
  5. Financial Reports
  6. Working with Books

Application Build

  1. Application Building
  2. Periods
  3. Scenarios
  4. Missing Data as Zero
  5. Accounts
  6. Currencies
  7. Entity and ICP
  8. Default Settings
  9. Local and Shared Members
  10. Dimension Associations
  11. Grid Editor
  12. Multiple Apps/Products
  13. Viewing Log Files
  14. Profiles and Importing
  15. Configurable Dimensionality

Member Lists

  1. Static Member Lists
  2. Dynamic Member Lists

Loading Data

  1. Load and Review Data
  2. Load Methods

Data Forms

  1. Creating Data Forms
  2. Linked Forms

Data Grids

  1. Understanding Data Grids
  2. Design Considerations for Data Grids

Other Documents

  1. Creating Other Documents
  2. Creating and Maintaining Task Lists

Exchange Rates

  1. Entering Exchange Rates
  2. Value Dimensions and Custom Dimension Combinations


  1. ntercompany Setup
  2. Intercompany (IC) Input & Elimination
  3. ICP Matching Report


  1. Journal Setup
  2. Creating Journals
  3. Processing Journals
  4. Journal Reports

HFM Calculations

  1. Writing Rules
  2. Calculation Manager
  3. Creating Basic Rules
  4. Conditions and Variables

Process Control

  1. Process Control Setup
  2. Phased Submissions

Consolidation and Translation

  1. Running Consolidations
  2. Value Dimension Review
  3. Sub cubes
  4. ‘On the Fly’ Currency Translations

Security Users, Groups & Classes

  1. User Roles
  2. Creating Users, Groups and Classes
  3. Provisioning User Access

Smart View Overview

  1. Smart View Panel
  2. Smart View Toolbar
  3. Member Selection
  4. AdHoc Analysis
  5. Smart View Options
  6. Smart View Data Form

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